I have never been one to put time aside just for myself but with the stresses of everyday life, I decided to book myself in for a massage. I was a bit nervous at first as I did not know what to expect but within the first five minutes, Amanda had put me at my ease. It was good to spend some time just chatting so she knew exactly what type of massage would suit me best. The treatment itself was wonderful and my aching muscles were very relaxed. I have had a further two sessions and will continue to have regular treatments. If, like me, you are someone who has never bothered to put time aside for yourself - then do it and feel the benefits - you won't be disappointed.

Gillian Suttie

I found out at 37 weeks pregnant that my baby was lying breach and that I had to have a c-section. I was extremely anxious about the operation so I went to see Amanda for NLP. Amanda made me feel very positive and confident about the operation, and I felt very relaxed going into the c-section. I am delighted to say that I have a very positive birth story to tell thanks to the treatment I received. I would recommend Amanda to anyone.

Laura Hunter

After a 90 minute Aromatherapy massage with Amanda I felt like a completely new person, and not just initially but for days afterwards. I'm now more convinced than ever of the benefits of complementary therapies

Ellie Munton

If you practise yoga then you really should attend a Thai massage session with Amanda. She complements the postures very well to increase your flexibility and, more importantly, will help to balance the flexibility left and right, something that yoga alone may take months or years to achieve.

Robbie Smith

I have had massage and reflexology sessions with Amanda and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone with a specific complaint or just for sheer indulgence! I will now be a regular visitor as I have found reflexology to be a revelation in helping me with my symptoms and urge anyone who is considering complementary therapy to give it a go - you won't be disappointed!

Sarah Radford

I have been seeing Amanda for both Reflexology and massage, both treatments of which I have found incredibly beneficial ; I definitely feel happier and more balanced since I've started seeing her. I've found Amanda a very skilled practitioner who always amazes me with her ability to accurately identify the physical problems my body is experiencing. In addition to being highly professional, Amanda is also incredibly personable; a combination that is sometimes difficult to come by! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her.

Sally Wills

I started seeing Amanda for therapeutic massage to ease my shoulder and neck tension and she does a fantastic job. She introduced me to Thai massage which also helps my upper back and shoulders so I now alternate the two types of massage and look forward to one every couple of months. I always leave feeling a hundred times better than before I went in and about two inches taller

Lyndsey Clark

I booked into a 90 minute Reiki session with Amanda not knowing what to expect. I was feeling rundown from picking up all the viruses and colds that constantly go around. I really wanted a massage but opted for Reiki instead to give it a try. It was one of the best experiences I've had; I came out of the session rosy-cheeked, feeling light and new. Reiki is a full energetic massage that shifts and unblocks energy blocks in a very different way, so beautiful! I am addicted and treat my Self to a Reiki session with Amanda every month.

Kat Shaw

I have been to see Amanda for several Therapeutic Massages and a Thai Massage and always come out feeling relaxed and full of energy for the days following it. Whether I am looking to unwind or sort out various aches and pains from all the sports I do, Amanda always has the ability to 'fix' me. I recommended Amanda to a friend, they said it was the best massage they had ever had!

Kim Threadgall

There are only a few Thai massage therapists around, and it is fortunate that Amanda is one. If, like me, you struggle with some yoga asanas but are not motivated to practise more than two yoga sessions per week (they say the optimum is 3 times a week), an hour and a half with Amanda is a probably a pretty fair bet, short of jetting off to Bangkok!

Paul Hodgson

I have now had 8 or 9 Reflexology sessions with Amanda and can honestly say that the improved feeling of well-being is amazing. I am still amazed at how accurately Amanda can tell how my body and general system is from the work she does during Reflexology. I am a hard person to convince on the benefits from this type of session but am now a believer.

George Pryde

Amanda's Thai massage was my first experience of this powerful form of massage and I absolutely loved it. She freed the chronic tight muscles in my neck. By the end of this blissful experience I was invigorated from head to toe, glowing all over!!

Polly Rewt

I would definitely recommend a treatment with Amanda. Her professionalism, care and attention to detail really made for the best 90 minute massage I've had.

Vivienne Elliot

I had a beautiful 60 minute facial massage with Amanda using aromatherapy oils. After a brief consultation to see how I felt, she recommended 3 different aromatherapy oils for the massage. It was such a treat and an escape away from daily life. I highly recommend Amanda for massage; as you step into her therapy room, you're instantly taken out of day-to-day living into a calm and peaceful mental and physical place.

Kat Shaw

I have had several therapeutic massages with Amanda to treat bad back pain due to a build up of tension and emotional stress. After each treatment I feel much lighter both physically and mentally, and the feeling lasts for days. I was also given great after care advice to help maintain the results of my treatment. Regular massages with Amanda are helping me deal more effectively with my day to day stress; she is truly the best therapist I have ever come across.

Jennifer Egan

I have been seeing Amanda for therapeutic massage for the past few months. As well as relief from pain I have found the massage sessions reduce my anxiety levels and help to keep me stress free for longer periods. I would recommend a session with Amanda to anyone experiencing pain of some form and to someone just looking for some relaxation. Amanda combines a calm, relaxing atmosphere with a superior massage ability to make each session a great experience.

Geri Thomas

Pregnancy Reflexology with Amanda was absolute bliss throughout my pregnancy. I initially went to maintain my overall health but it soon became apparent there were many more benefits. It was great for relaxation, helping my digestion, easing aches and pains particularly in my back, throughout the pregnancy. I always felt energised and calm after a session with Amanda which was wonderful in the latter stages of pregnancy. I would highly recommend it for any ailments you have whilst pregnant or just to help you relax and enjoy some 'me time'.

Caroline Phipps-Urch

Reiki with Amanda is very calm and relaxing, the atmosphere is therapeutic and Amanda never rushed a session. I see a massive improvement in my energy flow shortly after I have had a Reiki session and can feel the re-balancing of my body. On my way home I look forward to the next appointment coming around and would urge everyone to give Reiki a go.

Julie Shiels

I have been treating myself to 90 minute sessions with Amanda, which is absolute bliss. Her massages are great and she has really opened my eyes to Reiki. I was a little sceptical about Reiki to start with but am very glad I tried it - it is extremely relaxing. Amanda is always so cheerful and pleasant too, it's uplifting to see her.

Kay Macpherson

I always feel energised and renewed after a treatment with Amanda. During my regular massages she always finds the root of my tension and tightness and gently eases it away. I float out of the session and feel a greater sense of wellbeing for days afterwards. I have no hesitation in recommending Amanda to anybody who wants to experience massage at its best.

Ruth Mitchell

Having tried to ease my symptoms of sciatica for over a year, I eventually saw Amanda for a massage/reflexology treatment. Within 90 minutes my pain was almost gone, unbelievable!! Amanda always manages to relax my back and seems to have an amazing capacity to know exactly where it hurts, without me telling her. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking pain relief, or just a very relaxing experience.

Lauren Donaldson

Thai massage is the best way ever to feel really stretched out, wonderfully relaxed and 2 inches taller. Amanda is the best therapist in town.

Gillian Watt

Booking a treatment with Amanda is like booking a five star holiday to the sun - you can't wait to get there, you get to unwind completely when you arrive and you never want it to end. I rotate between treatments depending on how I feel, and Amanda adapts to what I need, never failing to relax the body and calm the mind.

Scherie Nicol

I have been a great fan of complementary therapies for many years, but had neglected to give myself a treat on a regular basis more recently until I started seeing Amanda. I initially booked massages, but a previous experience of Reiki made me want to try this with Amanda, and I can honestly say that the professionalism and dedication of this experience instilled in me to never disregard this treatment again!! We all have busy, stressful lives, but making some time for self is important and Amanda provides just the tonic!

Catherine Eadie

Amanda is extremely talented in her areas of expertise. I would recommend her to everyone. Amanda is a treasure who is there to be found by anyone needing help with stiffness, stress, and healing of many types. I feel very fortunate to know Amanda and to have benefited from her help.

Susanna Laing

I have been fortunate to experience many of Amanda's treatments. On all occasions it has been such a relaxing pleasure. Amanda has the ability to recognise deep emotional tension as well as muscular tension and ensures that treatment looks at both the short and long term needs of the body. I have recommended Amanda to friends who now also attend on a regular basis and who also pass on recommendations to others. Amanda brings a high degree of both integrity and professionalism to the service that she offers and my only wish would be to be able to visit on a weekly rather than monthly basis.

Lynn Warren

I first visited Amanda around 14 months ago for massage to relieve upper back pain, which had been caused by stress. Amanda introduced me to Reiki, which I was somewhat unsure of, but I needn't have been; the benefits that I have received from it are totally amazing and my quality of life has improved tenfold, both physically and mentally. I now have a much brighter, positive outlook on life and I would highly recommend Amanda as she is very caring and extremely professional.

Margaret Martin

Amanda was recommended to me over a year and a half ago. Since then, I have ensured that I see her regularly for Reiki and reflexology. With Amanda's intuitive nature, skilled technique and wealth of experience, she has assisted me in overcoming a number of emotional and physical difficulties. I have also had several back & shoulder massages, all of which have left me feeling wonderfully supple, relaxed and balanced. She is undoubtedly a very gifted practitioner as well as an exceptionally interesting, kind, caring and understanding person. I have recommended Amanda to numerous friends and colleagues, all of whom share very similar views on her competence, professionalism and integrity.

Pamela Logan

Amanda is extremely professional, friendly and accomplished. I have a stressful job and after an hour with Amanda she has managed to de-stress my body and de-clutter my brain. I always come out of my treatment feeling like a new person, so calm and relaxed!

Susan Booth

Amanda was recommended to me by a friend as I suffer from lower back pain. My back is much improved, but through Reiki and reflexology sessions my whole wellbeing is better and stress levels reduced. I do not understand how Reiki works, but it is fantastic; and so is Amanda!

Karen Arundel

Amanda's massages are fantastic and when I was pregnant I treated myself to a block of 6, which really helped relax me in the run up to the birth. Amanda also did some NLP work with me the day before I gave birth (as it turned out!) which focused on it being a positive experience. I had a really good, drug free and short labour and I am convinced that the visualisation work helped with that. I have recommended Amanda to all my friends!

Jenny Broatch

I was recommended to go to Amanda by a friend who raved about her massages. I went to Amanda every three weeks during my pregnancy for massage and reflexology, and had a fantastic pregnancy. I attribute my good health to Amanda's treatments, and I doubt that I would have had a pregnancy free of morning sickness without the reflexology treatments I received from her!

Laura Hunter

I have been getting treatments from Amanda for about 2 years. I have a lovely relaxing 90 mins back massage and Reiki treatment. I hadn't tried Reiki before and find it does a lot to calm my busy head. Amanda knows her stuff and has a relaxed and easy manner whist being professional and approachable.

Samantha Harlow

Thai Yoga massage is the most freeing experience I have ever had, Amanda is amazing at gently working with yoga postures, moving you deeper into them to help free tension and tightness. Reiki took me deep into a place of calm and peace. I left both sessions feeling wonderful, relaxed and in a totally new place, I would highly recommend both therapies to anyone.

Tina Gilbert

Amanda is the best massage therapist I have found in Edinburgh. Her treatments during my pregnancy were wonderful. They really help me to relax and ease my pains. Pre-birth reflexology was very helpful. My daughter was born the next day and the labour was very quick and easy. I am seeing Amanda on a regular basis now to ease my back and shoulder pains and migraines. I have recommended Amanda to few of my friends and all of them are extremely happy with her and keep coming back.

Nina Dubrovinskaya

Having had regular reflexology sessions with Amanda prior to becoming pregnant I found many benefits in continuing treatment during my pregnancy. In the final few weeks of the pregnancy I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes meaning I would no longer be able to follow my original home birth plan and have to go into hospital for constant monitoring and possible medical induction the thought of which caused me much distress. At this stage I had a session on NLP and reflexology combined which really helped things progress naturally, the baby arrived without the need for medical induction or intervention, I am convinced that the treatment helped me achieve the drug free and calm birth experience I was hoping for, it really built on and complimented my hypnobirthing training and kept me in a good place mentally. I have recommended Amanda to all of my pregnant friends and to all pregnant ladies I meet!

Kerry Henderson

I have been going to see Amanda for just under a year now. My first visit was for reflexology which had been recommended to me by a friend. Amanda picked up on things on my first appointment which made a lot of sense to me and during subsequent appointments I often felt that I had let go of significant amounts of tension that had been building up. Amanda also treated me through reiki which was especially helpful to me as I had an appointment just days after my mum died after a ten year illness and I kept the appointment and felt so well looked after by Amanda.

Jude Durnan